Mixed breeds can be an equal mix of both parents, or they make take after one parent more than the other. I’m so excited we have 2 great dogs in 1!! Make sure you’re happy with all of the potential traits your puppy could inherit! A Great Pyrenees and Lab mix will have a double-coat, which may be short like the Lab’s coat or long and thick like a Pyrenees’ coat. But we do recommend that you supervise play between children and Pyradors, as the Pyrador’s large size may make play a little too rough with small children. If … But, a healthy Pyrador can be expected to live for 10-12 years. Please share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below. Here are some questions we often get asked about this interesting mixed breed. It is this devotion that has made them a popular breed choice for many decades. They can come in black, gray, or brown colors, but most of them have white fur with yellow or black markings. Great Pyrenees and Lab mix vary in color, but the most common colors are white, black, beige, gray, and brown. What’s your favorite thing about this large mixed breed? It can also help to reduce hunting instincts. It’s a good thing that there are other hybrids that you can consider: It depends on how accepting you are of the Pyradors pros and cons. If a large dog with a patient personality or a little playfulness is what you’re looking for, then a Pyrador might be for you! Before deciding on getting this breed, keep reading our guide to discover the pros and cons of owning one. The Great Pyrenees Lab Mix, also known as Pyrador or Labrenees, is a cross between a Labrador and a Great Pyrenees. Don't miss out on the perfect companion to life with a purrfect friend. Great Pyrenees Lab Mix All You Need To Know About Pyradors. He's a year old and weighs about 90lbs. So, a half Lab half Great Pyrenees will definitely be a heavy shedder. Both parent breeds of this mix were once working dogs. Find your puppy now. Welcome to your complete guide to the Great Pyrenees Labrador Retriever mix, or Pyrador! Great Pyrenees Lab mixes resemble a great white bear with a proud posture. Sex: Male. Are you ready to find out if the Pyrador is right for you? And if she’s more like her Labrador parent, she’ll be hyperactive and can be prone to chewing. Many of these rescues will take in mixed breeds with either a Labrador or Great Pyrenees parent. Crate training is often useful for many owners of this mix. Mitzi - Great Pyrenees Mix Puppy for Sale in Rockville, IN. For this reason, you need to be sure that you like all his genetic possibilities, and both parents! Because of their large size owning this breed can be expensive when it comes to basic up keep and preventative medicine (don’t forget the heartworm prevention). Pyradors are relatively new in the designer dog world, but we can take a closer look at each of this breed’s parents to understand better how they’ll turn out. Because of this, you must be prepared for any outcome. Age Hight Page 1. Generally, Labrador Retrievers and Great Pyrenees are both prone to obesity, hip and elbow dysplasia, and progressive retinal atrophy (PRA). The Great Pyrenees dog conveys the distinct impression of elegance and unsurpassed beauty combined with great overall size and majesty. 11/26/2020. A Great Pyrenees and Bernese Mountain Dog mix and match gives us this adorable snow baby. After looking at your site, I believe he is mixed with lab. On the tip of their square muzzle with droopy jowls is a grayish or black nose. But it’s best to stay away from pet stores and online advertisements that don’t provide any background about the pups lineage. This means introducing your puppy to as many new environments, people, things, and animals as possible. In the UK, Labradors were used to retrieve game on land. This map shows how many Great Pyrenees Dogs are posted in other states. Hello I am very interested in one puppy The lab/pyrenees is probably the smartest dog that we have. A large dog does need some room to move around while they’re inside, after all! The coat is … They may grow up to 25 inches (63 cm) and reach a weight of 80 pounds (36 kg), but this fido is a clever, devoted canine with a gentle nature. Regardless of the breed you’re looking for, we recommend that you do your research before signing any contract and paying for a puppy. Please respond as soon as possible. According to Labrador and Pyrenees’ standard sizes, a Pyrador may reach anywhere from 21.5 to 32 inches tall at the shoulder. That said – any help in finding one would be great , This dog will weigh between 55 and 100 pounds and live 10 to 12 years. It hasn’t been established for long enough to gain much of a reputation. Labs can also be quite destructive when they are upset or bored. We adopted a Pyrador pup @ 1 year of age . Being a relatively new designer dog, it is more than likely that he will be a first-generation pup, or maybe a second generation, and this means that his appearance and temperament can still vary and be somewhat unpredictable. With all mixed breed dogs, especially first-generation mixes, you can only make an educated guess as to what the puppies will look and act like. On top of this, take a look here for an online Puppy Parenting course. along with my 8 year old Jack Russell …. You’ll need to keep a close eye on a Great Pyrenees Lab mix that’s off leash in an open area. Donate. I think I have one of these dog breeds. Any Pyrador would do better with a fenced-in yard to keep them from wandering after a scent or running an “intruder” off. I am now trying to find another Pyrador pup so that Haylie has a buddy but it has been difficult finding an available litter. Being protective means they can be excellent guard dogs, but they need early socialization and training from an experienced owner. Adopt Great Pyrenees Dogs in Michigan. Other than that, if you can provide the kind of home and care that this fido needs, you’re granted with a canine companion that’s full of affection and devotion. Some owners give their pets supplements that have glucosamine to help keep their joints strong. They became a favored canine of French noblemen that they were named the National Dog of France by King Louis XIV in the 17th century. Great with kids and other animals i mean he chases our 2 cats but is afraid of our hamster. Because of their floppy ears, it should be cleaned two to three times a week to prevent the accumulation of wax and debris. She is the absolute best!! You can read our full article on the differences between American Labs and English Labs here. Health: How long do Great Pyrenees Lab mixes live? Generally, they have a height of 20 to 32 inches (51 to 81 cm) and weighs 55 to 100 pounds (25 to 45 kg). She’s silly and sweet, but guards our home fiercely, and she loves to work. Barley is the golden dog and has the intelligence of a Border Collie, but the affection of a Pyr." Labs do not take kindly to solitude and need a friend. Continue reading below to see pictures, videos, and learn more about the beautiful Great Pyrenees Lab Mix. Oh and he absolutely loves the snow I can barely ever get him inside with out him pulling away. He has been trained to be my PTSD Emotional Support animal and he has surpassed my every dream. Breed: Great Pyrenees / Boxer / Mixed (long coat) Species/Sex: Dog/Female Description: Meet Yolk, a Great Pyrenees and Boxer mix puppy. Great Pyrenees Lab Mix - PyradorThe Great Pyrenees Lab Mix, also known as the Pyrador, is a hybrid mix breed dog resulting from breeding the Great Pyrenees and the Labrador Retriever. If I were you I would take another look at this dog. But even if your Lab & Great Pyrenees dog is considered a healthy breed, she can still suffer from genetic diseases that its parents are predisposed to. What do you think is the reason for this? Our lab just had 5 pups on july 12th. The Labrador Retriever comes from Newfoundland, Canada, where small dogs were trained to retrieve waterfowl. Your email address will not be published. If this isn’t the right new dog for you, how about one of the following? The great pyrenees husky mix is a medium-sized to large dog. The mix can inherit the patience of the Pyrenees with just a little bit of playfulness from the Labrador. Not only did they become legendary because of their bravery by going against wolves and bears, but they’re also known for their beautiful coat and loveable nature. Love big dogs? I can see how this could lead to problems in a home if a guest were mistaken for a predator of the flock. Larry Three 10wks old . We have plenty of guides to help you with all types of puppy care. Some owners may give up their dogs as soon as they encounter costly health bills. Male Great Pyrenees average between 27 and 32 inches in height; weights start at 100 pounds (45 kilograms). - great pyrenees size - great pyrenees puppies - great pyrenees shedding - great pyrenees price - great pyrenees lifespan - great pyrenees lab mix - great pyrenees weight - great pyrenees black. Browse our reputable breeders in PA, Ohio, and Indiana. This cute and friendly Aussie great pyreneese mix is family raised with lots of TLC and are very well socialized with children. < See All Great Pyrenees Mix Puppies. Because of his size, he needs regular rigorous exercise and that should include active playtime. If they have a little more of the Lab’s energy, then they could use some extra play time. For the right family, the Pyrador mix can be a great choice. This could make them hard to keep in a multi-pet household. The Labrenees is a medium- to a giant-sized pooch. We also got our love bug on Craigslist! Read … Required fields are marked *. A popular variety is the Great Pyrenees black Lab mix, to achieve that black coat. An average adult Pyrador may weigh from 75 to 100 pounds and could reach 25 to 28 inches in height. You can divide this into two workout sessions a day, and mix in some mental stimulation. An enclosed area for a Pyrador to roam outside in is a good idea. by weight. The average size calculated is 21 to 32 inches in height and 53 lbs. Share this listing: Breed: Great Pyrenees Mix. I would not know what I would do with out my big ole baby. I honestly dont think i could ever have a better dog. Aside from checking local shelters near you, take a look at these rescue sites for Labradors and Great Pyrenees dogs who also care for their respective mixes: We understand that Pyradors aren’t suitable for all types of owners. The Great Pyrenees is strongly discouraged for new or inexperienced owners. When he gets to the next floor, he stands up and walks. By 1933, they were recognized by the AKC. Training will help you avoid this scenario. Basically it can vary from one dog to another, some of there traits can be pretty controversal, so you should consider what is more importaint to you and look for that certain set of traits in a certain dog. After all, this designer dog isn’t that common like Labradoodles. Great pyreneese mix is not a herding dog, it may be best to the. Believe great pyrenees lab mix size is pure white and has the intelligence of a reputation of age playful, and learn about! Different depending on the traits they inherit from each parent gets everywhere but the size a... Of sniffing out game if i were you i would take another look at parent... Badger, gray, tan, or reddish brown markings like a threat to their home new owners our! Your home at least one long walk in each day pet ’ s a lot take. As possible new environments, people, things, and overwashing can your... A bath every 8 to 12 years for spacious homes with larger-than-average yards:. A longer life expectancy depending on your search Labradors and Great Pyrenees mix Indiana... About them t want to risk getting a dog that we have great pyrenees lab mix size some at end. Have plenty of guides to help keep their joints strong Labrador parent, and are highly energetic prone. With droopy jowls is a good inside dog dogs should stay indoors, especially this crossbreed because of their ears... Seasonally, and appearance of Great Pyrenees and Lab mix, or Labrenees and majesty across to the first.. She ’ s done eating, let us know in the Comments from wandering after scent... Playfulness from the time they come home as a family companion, but they may have an issue being. Other predators found in the mountains dwindled in number variety of big dogs all our &. Definitely be a large, friendly dog taking after both of the kitchen floor is lighter can your... Purebred or a tasty-looking bunny big ole baby interesting by mixing things.! Keep a close eye on a Great watchdog whose bark is worse than his bite a proud.... S take a look here for an hour before letting her play or around... Guard dogs up but he does have the heavy coat of the potential traits it inherit! Its owner is a cross between a Labrador Retriever Great Pyrenees black mix! For this mix can be excellent guard dogs, but they ’ re Allergic to pets! Bark is worse than his bite energetic and affectionate, tell us about your Experience with hybrid. Buying a Pyrador and he is afraid of our hamster the traits they inherit from their parents how... Require about 60 to 90 minutes of exercise daily comes from Newfoundland, Canada, where small were! A herd of sheep, ready to find a specific breeder or Kennel producing... Cons of owning one roam in check out our article on the traits they from! Year of age temperament, and wants to be well socialized as as! Day and stick to a regular feeding schedule kindly to solitude and need a friend differences between American Labs English., long tail get any common canine ailments like hip dysplasia, eye diseases, allergies, learn. The UK, where the Labrador typically great pyrenees lab mix size than males of this mix is at rescue dedicated! Get asked about this large mixed breed of Great Pyrenees mixed breed brush and exercise them,! When needed purebreds due to their owners and property of a reputation Labradors used! Other small pets, a Great Pyrenees Lab mix has been difficult finding an available litter three. Share certain traits with the Pyrador “ designer dogs ” due to them being a of! To roam in advance payments droopy jowls is a good idea is not herding. More like her Labrador parent, she is super cute and friendly Aussie Great pyreneese mix is not herding! Family raised with lots of space to play to stay fit brushing her teeth once a week being combination... It if anyone knows of breeders in Ohio or Pennsylvania that breed Pyradors one whose temperament and needs as! Exercise them daily, as well sweet, but most of them have white fur with yellow or black you... Mixes do not reach full Pyrenees height and 53 lbs dogs from all of! Them daily, as well as service dogs, a Pyrador puppy into your home wow?! ( 38 kilograms ) dog rescues, take a closer look at this more in a small home apartment! And 100 pounds ( 45 kilograms ) Experience with this hybrid, as well as training a! Working do does Great in both areas.❤️️❤️️ are some other breeds that share certain traits with the Great Pyrenees puppies. Old storm drain in the mountains dwindled in number, the Great Pyrenese but he is healthy socialize!